Learning to spell

“You are a homeschooler if you learned to spell, playing scrabble” we heard Blimey Cow say, in one of his funny homeschooling youtube movies. Not far from the truth 🙂 Scrabble sure is a real fun way to learn to spell.


Interview with Jan Kjær

Some of the most popular children books we have read with the children, is the series “Nomerne” written by Jan Kjær. The kids will come with them over and over again, for us to read them aloud. Now they are so old that they also can read them by themselves. And they do, over and over again.

We have also met him quite a few times at Book Fairs and workshops, where he has signed our books.

So we wrote to Jan Kjær and asked for an hour of his time. He said yes, and we put together some questions about Nomerne and Jan Kjærs life, together with the children.

This new Homeschool activity of learning through interviewing people we find interesting, is great! You can see the interview below.

Interview with Jan Kjær 2019-10-31.
My oldest daughter made a box to fit the “Rumlesvampe” muffins that we know so well from his books 🙂
All the kids busy, drawing Nomerne and reading Nomerne, preparing for the interveiw.
“Rumlesvampe” ready to go in the box 🙂
Jan Kjær telling the children about how he works.

Tour of the Goethe Institute

To make our German lessons come alive, we made an appointment with the librarian at the Goethe Institute in Copenhagen to come and have a guided tour. We were shown around the library and told about the many free offers they have on their website for everyone to learn German. It was really very inspiring and showed the children the living world of German language and culture, and not just a book in front of them.

Read more here: https://www.goethe.de/ins/dk/da/spr/ueb.html

Goethe Instituttet 2019-06-28

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer, who is particularly known for his works the novel The Sorrows of Young Werther and Faust. He lived 1749-1832. The Goethe Institute is named after him.

We love the Library

Vanløse library.

We love going to the library. We go to the library at least once a week. We visit different libraries. Have favorite ones. Our oldest daughter even has asked to have her birthday in one particular library a few times, which is her favorite. A library is a place with peace, where time stands still and you can indulge in all the knowledge available. Danish libraries often are just so much more than books, so if a child is more into playing with toys or at the playground, the libraries we go to even have those options. So everyone is happy. You can sit and read a book aloud for a child. Examine a subject together. Sit and write a story on your computer. Go listen to music. Often they also have plays, lectures and much more. Sometimes we meet up with friends in libraries and rest and talk together. We really love libraries.

Gladsaxe library.
AU Library, Emdrup.

Christmas Calender Story by our oldest daughter 2018-12-01

Our oldest daughter loves to read and write.  She has written stories ever since she learned to write as a 6 year old. Now she has taken up the challenge to complete a Christmas Calender. The story is called “Snow Storm”. She loves fairy tales and fantasy. She also loves mythology, chemistry, traditions and stories that ends well. So if you like traditional fairy tales that ends well, with lots of excitement and lovely characters this is for you. You can also read the story as text on our daughters own website: martha.schou.dk