Law about homeschooling in Denmark.

Section 76 of the Constitution.

All children of the educational age, are entitled to free primary school education. Parents or guardians, who themselves make sure that the children receive a course of education, that can be measured by what is usually required in primary and lower secondary schools, is not obliged to let the children be tought at primary school.

Grundlovens § 76.

Alle børn i den undervisningspligtige alder har ret til fri undervisning i folkeskolen. Forældre eller værger, der selv sørger for, at børnene får en undervisning, der kan stå mål med, hvad der almindeligvis kræves i folkeskolen, er ikke pligtige at lade børnene undervise i folkeskolen.

Section 76 of the Constitution

As homeschooler, you are also subject to the law covering private schools. Especially chapter 8 is relevant.

Law about Private School Chapter 8

Other relevant information about homeschooling in Denmark:

Guidance on Compulsory Education in Private Schools

Especially chapter 2 is relevant for homeschoolers.