Interview with Jan Kjær

Some of the most popular children books we have read with the children, is the series “Nomerne” written by Jan Kjær. The kids will come with them over and over again, for us to read them aloud. Now they are so old that they also can read them by themselves. And they do, over and over again.

We have also met him quite a few times at Book Fairs and workshops, where he has signed our books.

So we wrote to Jan Kjær and asked for an hour of his time. He said yes, and we put together some questions about Nomerne and Jan Kjærs life, together with the children.

This new Homeschool activity of learning through interviewing people we find interesting, is great! You can see the interview below.

Interview with Jan Kjær 2019-10-31.
My oldest daughter made a box to fit the “Rumlesvampe” muffins that we know so well from his books 🙂
All the kids busy, drawing Nomerne and reading Nomerne, preparing for the interveiw.
“Rumlesvampe” ready to go in the box 🙂
Jan Kjær telling the children about how he works.