The magic of life

How do we teach our children about reproduction? Well, we just answer their questions, as they arise. Having 4 children in 10 years, brings out questions about reproduction all the time. I have promised myself a few things. One of them is that I will not keep anything secret for my children. If they ask, they are ready to get an answer. Then it is your responsability, as a parent to be there for them to follow them through understanding a subject. Nothing is to hard for a child to understand, if you serve it in a age related way. Especially not reproduction. It is what life is all about. Our childrens grandmother, gave the book used in the video to our children. It is an old book written by Per Holm Knudsen and is called “Sådan får man et barn”. The model of a baby in the womb is from the Tiger Store and the T-shirt is from