Learning is all about learning to learn. It does not matter if you remember exact data like dates of events, but what matters is that you know how to find answers to your questions.

It is the hunger for knowledge that brings you a happy life. It is all about keeping the wondering mind. When your child asks you:”Why does the clouds look like that today, mum?” or “how does the light come into the lamp, when I press the button?” it is a perfect opportunity to catch the curiosity of the child and help them on, in their hunger for knowledge. And usually one question brings on another and the curiosity never ends, but develops into many roads of learning and self development.

One of our goals with our Home School, is that we all learn something new everyday.

Life is one long learning process. When we ask a question, it usually brings on another question, and another and so on. So the flower of life unfolds and brings on a full and meaningful life.

In our Home School, we also highly value time spend together as a family. We really try to do everything together all 6 of us. We discovered when the children were at an early age, that a trip or project was particularly splendid, in the eyes of the children, if every family member took part. We like to create a collective memory of the childrens childhood. We hope that it will give them a bonding between them and a feeling of friendship in between siblings, that will last into adulthood. A feeling of belonging.

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