Pleurotus ostreatus – growing Oyster Mushrooms with the kids

We are making a biological experiment at the moment. We like to grow all sorts of things, sometimes with success other times with failure. We dance around when we have success and learn a lot with the failures.

At a Maker Space Event we went to, we made and bought a bag with a mixture for growing Oyster Mushrooms.

Maker Space CPH 2018-09-30.

Ready for darkness in 1 week in warm room 2018-10-01.

One week later we took the bag out of the dark box and hang it in our livingroom and after a few days this happened:

Day 1 of mushrooms appearing 2018-10-18.

Day 2 2018-10-19.

Day 4 2018-10-21.

Day 5 Our Oyster Mushrooms are huge! 2018-10-22.

Great way to see things grow with the kids! Now I have to eat them all, nobody else here likes them.

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