Life is Magic. We intend to keep it so.

Life is magic. Learning more and more about Mother Earth, makes us realize just how magic life is. We try to bring that into our Home School. Especially Science is often like magic to us. Our world is just so AMAZING! it is so weird, and the more you read about it the weirder and more magical it is.

We love life! We love nature, we even love the Periodic Table.

We also love the unexplainable magic. The magic that is in our minds and develops our ideas and creativity. The silly magic and the down right childish magic, that adults are told again and again to grow out of. Well, I am sorry, but we just won’t.

On the picture you see the Portal Changer from¬† Hayao Miyazaki¬† movie “Howl’s Moving Castle”. It really got to us. So we decided to make our own, to be able to change world, when we leave the house.


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