Broadcast is a thing of the past 2018-11-08

We don’t believe in TV. Particularly broadcast. You have to be ready at a certain time. It doesn’t make any sense.

Broadcast through publicly funded means was intended to bring the people objective information and learning, but it has turned more and more into superficial entertainment for the masses. The Danish television also find it hard to stay objective.

It is interesting to hear Julius Bomholt in 1955 tell about his concerns about TV, and relate to current time. We first saw this movie in the Radio Museum in Ringsted. A very interesting Museum I probably will write more about later:

Julius Bomholt – education minister 1955 talks about the use of TV.

So, we havn’t had a TV for the past 18 years. Maybe we will get one in the future if we find that it could serve a purpose in our lives. But for now, we don’t.

It is not that we don’t like relaxing with a good movie or to get informed about what is going on in the world. There are just so many other ways to do just that. We like the internet, youtube and talking to people. Then you can look up many sources of information and points of view. If you try to see a news story from many sides, you can better try to understand what is really going on, without feeling manipulated.

So TV is not a part of our Home School. Neither is Netflix. Different offers of streaming of movies and series on the internet is also in our eyes a manipulated type of information. They only stream what is selling the best, so if I wan’t to see an old movie that nobody else is interested in right now, I probably wan’t be able to see it.

So we still buy and watch DVD’s and watch youtube movies. Mostly watching a movie is a collective project, where we all have our turns to choose or we choose together and all watch together.

The medias is a social thing in our family.

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