We made a music video

Do you know those songs that just keep on playing in your head? Well this one had been playing in my head since my childhood and just wouldn’t stop. Often I would start singing it for the kids when we had a learning situation where it kind of fitted in. I would find it so fun, but had to laugh on my own, as my family not quite got it. So youTube came around. I searched it for a few years for this song, but nothing came up. I tried the library and the shops. I still couldn’t find it. It became an obsession. Then one day I involved my husband in my psychological problems. He said:”I will find it”. My knight in shining armour. I had my doubts though. But he found it in a far away library and ordered it home. I have the best husband in the world. Next challenge was that it was an old record which we could not play. We didn’t have a record player. But my dad did. So we went to his house, and with my husbands electronic equipment, we managed to get it on digital. So we went home and together with the kids instructed the music video. We had to find all the props and arrange who should be in charge of the different things to be put on the recording space. Now I can find peace from my childhood song. Or just go on YouTube and listen to it.

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