We love ballet

We love going to the Royal Ballet. 2018-09-27 we went to see a modern version of Bizets “Carmen”. We have also seen “The Nutcracker”, “Giselle”, “Ballet de Luxe”, “Swan Lake” and 2018-12-01 “Alice in Wonderland” there. Our children prefer the classical versions of the ballets. We have a child that have been dancing ballet for 4 years now and is a real ballet enthusiast. She also attends a drama School. Once a year, she performs at the Royal Theatre in a show for a selection of ballet schools. The other children like the beauty of the old Royal Theatre and the┬ásolemn atmosphere there. When you are a Home Schooler, you can get school tickets, which makes it possible for us to afford going to many ballets a year.

Alice in Wonderland 2018-12-01 Royal Theatre, Denmark.

Carmen 2018-09-27 Royal Theatre, Denmark.

Ballet de Luxe 2018-05-03 Royal Theatre, Denmark.

The Ballet Schools annual Show, at the Royal Theatre 2018.

Cinderella, at the Royal Theatre 2019.

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