Seasonal activities – Chestnuts

We love the changing seasons. The marking points of the year. When we see the ripe apples on the trees, Christmas, Easter and so on. One of these markings is when we can collect chestnuts that has fallen from the trees.

We are so lucky. We live right by a whole street that has Horse Chestnut trees.

Horse chestnut was introduced in Denmark in 1721. It often can be found near roads, parks or in private gardens. It can be around 30 meters tall and has large leaves with 5-7 leaves on each that look like fingers.

When regarding food, the term “horse” used in a name refers to that it is inedible. Animals do eat them, though. An interesting use, is that you can make soap out of horse chestnuts.

We usually make animals out of them and seasonal decorations. For many years, we have struggled to make holes in them with toothpicks, pins, an awl or other sharp things. This year our children were old enough to learn how to use a drilling machine and has really become experts.

And the madness continues 🙂

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