Circus performance 30th of June 2018.

30th of June 2018 we held a Cirkus and Market in our garden. It all started with us talking about making a play in the garden, as we had already done twice. Then one of my daughters said:”I would rather make a Cirkus and a Market, this year”. So I thought about it, and could not see anything wrong with that idea. All the other children also thought it could be fun to try. So we started reading books about cirkus and creative books about the subject. So we sat down and wrote all the acts and stalls we would like to have and quickly saw that we did not have enough artist. So we announced our idea in our Homeschooling network and 2 families wanted to take part. So we made a plan for how and when we would meet and practice and make props, costumes and so on. So for 3 months we met up every second tuesday for 3 hour and worked on the show. It was hard work and great fun. It was also challenging, as in when you throw yourself into a new unexplored area, you find out many new things about yourself. We also decided to charge an entrance fee. It should be symbolic, but an amount the children could use to calculate with. It was decided that the children should split the entrance fee, so they would feel more part of the project. When the show date arrived, it all went very well and we had an audience of nearly 50 people.

Interview with the Danish politician Bertel Haarder about homeschooling.

The 4th of September 2018, we interviewed Bertel Haarder about his time being home schooled 60 years ago. Bertel Haarder was home schooled for 4½ years and has also spend some of his primary education in public school. He has been Minister of Education (twice) and he is also the longest-serving minister in Denmark.

D. 4. september 2018 interviewede vi Bertel Haarder om hans tid i hjemmeskole for 60 år siden.Bertel Haarder blev hjemmeundervist i 4½ år og har også gået i folkeskole. Han har været undervisningsminister (to gange) og han er også den længst siddende minister i Danmark.

Sea Cucumber

For the past few years, the children has on their own initiative, been making movies and stop motion. They are having a lot of fun making them and we all enjoy watching them. They have themselves found free editing programs on their computer and on the internet, which they have taught themselves to use. One of our children has also started Drama School, and really enjoys acting. Two of our other children are really interested in biology, so the idea to make a knowledge channel, emerged from there. This is our first production on the “Videnskanalen” youtube channel. Our plan is to start of with 5 episodes about sea creatures, we find fascinating. Our oldest daughter is fond of latin, so we try to insert some latin names for animals as well. It is also a good excuse for making interesting field trips. In this case, we visited Den blå Planet which is Northern Europe largest Aquarium, to find information about the Sea Cucumber.